Vendor Portal is a proprietary tool used by the Interactive Production department at Team One to catalogue and assess vendor partners.

I collaborated with Interactive Producers to gather functional requirements for this project. Then, I created detailed wireframes to bring the idea to life. I also helped create a working prototype using Twitter Bootstrap as part of the design communication. Here is the prototype.

BACK TO ALL WORK is a startup student loan optimization tool.

I did a freelance UX / UI design project for this company. I standardized button styles, forms and other graphic elements. I designed new parts of the tool and helped refine the user experience.


Lexus IS Blend Out is a print and mobile experience that ran in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. I created wireframes for the mobile portion of the project. Here is the demo video.


Instamashup is a platform that allows anyone to dynamically search for Instagram hashtags and pull in that content as their own blog.

Instamashup is an original concept. I created the UX and visual designs. I am currently working with a developer to finish the project.


The Shift Platform launched in October 2012, a product of the company GraphEffect. The software aims to break down professional silos and provide teams of coworkers the tools to communicate efficiently. Shift launched with a social marketing app and plans to bring on additional app partners in the near future.

I conducted strategic research to help develop this platform. I created wireframes and various forms of developer facing documentation in order to facilitate building the platform as a whole. I helped refine and iterate on as the platform's detailed features.


The Publisher App is a solution to composing social content across owned channels. This app also allows users to create custom channels for listening to competitors social media voices. This app is a product of GraphEffect, a social media agency.

I helped establish the business requirements for this app and created the wireframes.


On the Shift platform, first time users get a custom message containing a carousel tour of all the things they can do. This message is the last step of the onboarding process.

I determined how to handle onboarding as a whole and created wireframes that detailed the specific features, order and tone.


The Camry Effect was the campaign that launched the 2012 Toyota Camry. On the Camry Effect website, Camry owners can share their stories which contributes to a visualization of of Camry's profound impact on America.

For the website, I created the user flows for the Camry Effect's create a story process. I created both client facing presentations and developer facing collateral to communicate the user experience.


Yaris Digital Brochure was a playful promotion that lived on during the launch of the 2012 Yaris. The brochure featured Yaris photography as well as assets from Kid Robot artists. Viewers could click on the hot spots and collect all of the funny looking doughnuts.

I created the wireframes for this project and worked with the designer to refine the gaming dynamic.


Phone2Food was a charity program that invited people who are upgrading their iphones to donate their old phones to be resold, profits went towards alleviating famine in Africa. Phone2Food was part of Made by Many's 50 Projects For Good initiative. Phone2Food launched in October 2012 in conjunction with the iphone 4S launch and World Hunger Day. The program ran for three months and was a modest success.

I worked with our partners at to integrate Phone2Food's payment process into their existing check out system. I also created all of the design assets for the program.


This project was a content and visual redesign of Toyota's touch site on iphones and tablets.

I worked with the producers on the project to establish updated business requirements and reorganize the content of the site. I created wireframes for a restructured version. I created detailed documentation for the designers and developers. The designers created three versions of the site which was brought into extensive user testing. User testing yielded iterations for both UX and design, as well at future learnings for other Toyota projects.


The IXDA, Interaction Design Association, held their annual conference in Boulder in 2011. The Boulder Digital Works students were tasked with creating a positive transportation experience for attendees. Students came up with a handful of solutions including Shuttle Tracker, a real time system that allowed conferences goers to see the location of shuttles at all times.

As the student lead on the project, I worked with the conference stakeholders to execute the students' plans. As part of the Shuttle Tracker team, I wrangled the logistics of the shuttles and translated it into a front end experience.

Welcome to the portfolio site of Emily Smith. As a user experience designer, I am passionate about solving problems using design and technology. My goal is to make the internet a more valuable place. I like turning insights into products and simplifying existing experiences. My favorite parts of UX include detailed wireframing, prototyping, UI design, user testing and strategic thinking. Pixels matter, size matters, people matter. I have a good track record of working collaboratively and building bridges between siloed teams. I am hyper-intuitive and can usually back up my instincts with logic or examples. Other than working on my laptop tan, I enjoy outdoorsy activities and exploring LA's foodie scene.

I started my career in New York City as a media planner. Then, I went back to school to learn more about creating interactive products at a hip little program called Boulder Digital Works. Afterwords, I moved to Los Angeles to work at Saatchi LA. Sometime later I got charmed into the startup scene where I spent time working on a very cool collaborative workspace platform called Shift. I currently live in LA and work as a freelancer.

I'm very responsive to email. You can reach me at You can also find me on twitter as @emzosmizo, or on linkedin.